/ Platform Project, Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital & Museum of Brisbane (2011-2012)

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Waiting at a platform for our next vehicle to transport us from A to B we are neither here nor there yet. We are somewhere in-between cycling through a holding pattern until we move to our next space. The moments we repeatedly exist in transient in-between spaces can be moments to let our minds wander unbounded by the requirements of our other spaces.

The work developed for the Platform Project focuses on our experience of transient spaces, places of ‘waiting’ and the relationship between physical and mental space in these moments. Are we running through the thoughts and events of the day behind us, or of what will come? Planning a meal? Making a list? Or having a conversation with our self or someone else?

Title: The poetics of (transient) space
Year: 2011
Size: (H) 2m x (L) 4.5m approx
Medium: Drawing, digital illustration, digital print
Client / Commission: Museum of Brisbane, QLD

/ Tram Stop 21 Project, Moreland City Council, Melbourne (2008)

artwork for tram stop poster box

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In 2008, the Tram Stop 21 project invited artists and designers working in a wide range of media to submit images for display in one of Melbourne’s key inner-city arts precincts. Tram Stop 21 Project forms part of Moreland City Council’s Art in Public Places program.

Sometimes we need a reminder to give ourselves space from the daily noise of life and just stop thinking! This work is about finding a quiet space, a place free from the daily noise of life around us. I do this in my work by paring everything down and stripping away the clutter so that only the essential elements remain.

Title: Thinking too much can only cause problems
Year: 2008
Size: (H) 1.5m x (W) 1m approx
Medium: Digital illustration for advertising poster box.
Client / Commission: Moreland City Council, Brunswick, VIC